Vol: 36 , Nr: , Art.: 8
Tytuł / Title:
The use of IR thermography to show the mold and part temperature evolution in injection molding
Autorzy / Authors:
BULA Karol
Institute of Materials Technology, Poznan University of Technology
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
IR thermography injection molding process polypropylene
Streszczenie / Summary:

This study concerns the application of infrared camera for injection molding analysis by measuring temperatures of both injection molded parts and injection mold cavities in a function of injection cycles. The mold with two cavities, differing in thickness (1 and 3 mm), and a cold direct runner was used. Isotactic polypropylene homopolymer was utilized to produce parts. Mold temperature was set at 22OC and controlled by a water chiller. Five measuring points were determined: SP1, SP2 (placed in the 3 mm cavity), SP3, SP4 (located in the 1 mm cavity) and SP5 around an injection molding gate. Our investigations showed that the highest temperature is localized around SP2 point and the lowest at SP4. Also, it was proved that even after 62 injection molding cycles, temperatures of cavities were not stable, revealing their further increase with each cycle.