Vol: 34 , Nr: 3 , Art.: 5
Tytuł / Title:
Modelling a 6-dof manipulator using matlab software
Modelowanie manipulatora o sześciu stopniach swobody w oprogramowaniu matlab
Autorzy / Authors:
PIOTROWSKI Norbert mgr inż.
BARYLSKI Adam prof. dr hab. inż.
Politechnika Gdańska; Wydział Mechaniczny; Katedra Technologii Maszyn i Automatyzacji Produkcji
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
manipulator; robot modelling; forward and inverse kinematic; simulation
manipulator; modelowanie robota; kinematyka prosta i odwrotna; symulacja
Streszczenie / Summary:

Most of studies describe manipulator simulation with a use of specialist software. Their main disadvantage is that they have limited functions. This paper presents an alternative approach to modelling a revolute robot in Matlab software. The manipulator in question is Kuka KR 16-2. The main problem in robot modelling is the kinematic analysis. The revolute robot consists of six rotary joints (6-DOF) with a base, a shoulder, an elbow and a wrist. The kinematic problem is defined as a transformation from the cartesian space to the joint space. In this study the Denavit- Hartenberg (D-H) model of representation was used to model links and joints. Both forward and inverse kinematics solutions for this manipulator were presented. The kinematic equations presented have been implemented in Matlab software. The graphical model of Kuka KR 16-2 was shown and possibilities of modelling in Matlab were described.