Vol: 34 , Nr: 2 , Art.: 5
Tytuł / Title:
Analysis of mesh settings during FEM modelling of abrasive water jet flow
Analiza parametrów siatki podczas modelowania przepływu strumienia wodno-ściernego w konwencji MES
Autorzy / Authors:
SZCZEPANIK Maciej mgr inż.
SOKOŁOWSKI Andrzej dr hab. inż.
Politechnika Śląska; Wydział Mechaniczny Technologiczny; Katedra Budowy Maszyn
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
CFD; water jet machining; modelling; mesh; ANSYS
CFD; obróbka wodno-ścierna; modelowanie; siatka; ANSYS
Streszczenie / Summary:

The paper presents issues related to the flow modelling during abrasive water jet machining. A few of cutting head model assumptions were tested and their influence on the velocity of the stream was assessed. Mainly, modelling of abrasive water jet flow through the canals of the water jet cutting head, mesh parameters selection and necessary simplifications are discussed. This allowed to form recommendations for mesh setup and for the further research. Also, the achieved results are presented in the form of exemplary model built upon above mentioned recommendations.