Vol: 34 , Nr: 2 , Art.: 2
Tytuł / Title:
Evaluation of micro-geometry changes on surfaces after chemical pretreatment
Autorzy / Authors:
DRAGANOVSKA Dagmar dr inż.
TOMAS Miroslav dr inż.
IZOL Peter dr inż.
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University in Kosice, Slovakia
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
galvanized surfaces; roughness parameters; chemical pretreatment
Streszczenie / Summary:

The paper discusses the evaluation of the surface quality in terms of microgeometry. For the experiment, samples of S235JRG2 steel were used. The surface of the steel was chemically pretreated prior to the tests. Thefocus of the research was on the surfaces of steel sheets in states such as an initial state surface, degreased surface, galvanized surface, a surface after galvanizing and chromatizing, degreased and phosphated, and a surface pretreated with degreasing and phosphating with RAL coating. The measurement of microgeometry parameters on the samples was evaluated by a profilometric device Surftest SJ – 201, Mitutoyo, Japan. The roughness parameters Ra, Rz, RSm and RPc were measured on evaluated surfaces and compared. Profilographs, as well as Abbot Fireston curves were also evaluated.