Vol: 34 , Nr: 2 , Art.: 1
Tytuł / Title:
Identification of base plane parameters by means of Hough transform
Identyfikacja parametrów powierzchni obróbkowych odlewów na podstawie pomiarów współrzędnościowych z wykorzystaniem transformacji Hougha
Autorzy / Authors:
BARTKOWIAK Tomasz mgr inż.
GESSNER Andrzej dr inż.
Instytut Technologii Mechanicznej Politechniki Poznańskiej
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
Hough transform; coordinate measurements; machining
Transformacja Hougha; pomiary współrzędnościowe; obróbka skrawaniem
Streszczenie / Summary:

Hough Transform is a widely used method of recognizing shapes and objects from digital images. It was originally used for line detection from binary images, but together with the development of computational method, it was subsequently used for detecting more complex objects. In the paper, method of determination of geometrical parameters describing average machined or to-be-machined surfaces of casts, which can be created based on the clouds of points from coordinate machine measurements, was explained. The point cloud parameterization and its transformation into Hough space is explained. The identification of a shape is conducted by “voting”. Any characteristic point “votes” i.e. adds a certain value to the value of points in Hough space which represent the surfaces on which that point lies. The paper describes the constraints of space accumulation due to the limitations of memory size. The method of its minimization was presented. The final set of values contained maxima which represented parameters of the surfaces from the original cloud of points. In addition, presented are the results for a cast which was a part of frame structure of machine tool.