Vol: 33 , Nr: 3 , Art.: 4
Tytuł / Title:
The evaluation of nodular iron surface layer modification by laser alloying with nitrogen and titanium
Autorzy / Authors:
Wydział Maszyn Roboczych i Transportu Politechniki Poznańskiej
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
nitrogen and titanium laser alloying, surface layer, nodular iron
Streszczenie / Summary:

The following article refers to the surface layer cast iron parts modification by laser treatment.
The aim of this research was analysis of nitrogen and titanium laser alloying influence on microstructure
and microhardness of treating surface layer. As a source of nitrogen, Si3N4 was used. This
research showed that it is possible to enrich the cast iron surface layer with nitrogen and titanium
by laser treatment. Fine-grained microstructure of remelted zone consists of α solid state and
cementite. Nitrogen and titanium were found in remelted zone. The research showed that alloying
elements are present in solid states, mostly. However, nitrogen could be present in Fe24N10 iron
nitride as well. It was showed that microhardness could be increased about 4 times (depending on
laser treatment parameters) comparing to the base material. This higher microhardness could be
present in as little as 1mm depth from the surface. The possibility of laser alloying with nitrogen
and titanium was confirmed by laser treatment test of nodular iron camshaft.