Vol: 32 , Nr: 2 , Art.: 1
Tytuł / Title:
A probabilistic analysis of failure occurrence in diesel engine injection system components
Autorzy / Authors:
BEJGER Artur dr inż.
BERCZYŃSKI Stefan prof. dr hab. inż.
Maritime University of Szczecin
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
fuel injection system; injector; fuel injection pump; marine diesel engine; probability of failure
Streszczenie / Summary:

Probabilistics as a mathematical discipline exploring the regularities occurring among random
events can be used to estimate a probability of diesel engine failure. Fuel injection systems
of selected marine diesel engines were analyzed in this respect. Two groups of engines were considered,
divided by the type of fuel injection system: traditional and with Common-Rail type.
The analysis covered a period of five years (2005–2010) and a few types of engines in each group.
It has been indicated that the injector is the most unreliable component of the marine diesel injection
system, regardless of the system type. It has been determined that for the two groups of engines
under consideration, those with the traditional injection system are more likely to have an
injection system failure.