Vol: 32 , Nr: 1 , Art.: 7
Tytuł / Title:
The selection of milling machine geometric-kinematic structure-preliminary selection of structure variants
Autorzy / Authors:
SZWENGIER Grzegorz dr hab. inż.
JASTRZĘBSKI Daniel dr inż.
PAWEŁKO Piotr dr inż.
MAJDA Paweł dr inż.
Institute of Mechanical Technology, west Pomeranian University of Technology
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
machine tool; carrying system; design; geometric-kinematic structure
Streszczenie / Summary:

This paper provides the results of research on the selection of geometric-kinematic structure
(G-KS) of a newly-designed milling machine, focusing on the generation and pre-selection of the
sets of G-KS variants. The paper presents: (i) the definition of G-KS and the manner of its description
in milling machine with serial kinematics; (ii) basic methodology of G-KS selection; (iii)
proceeding during the generation of a full set of G-KS variants for a milling machine; (iv) structural
constraints of G-KS selection used in the preliminary selection of variants; (v) subsets of
variants which met those constraints; (vi) plural multiplication of the obtained G-KS subsets – the
final result of the design process. The results of preliminary G-KS selection are presented in pictograms
and formulas describing selected variants of milling machine structure.