Vol: 32 , Nr: 1 , Art.: 1
Tytuł / Title:
Some problems concerning evaluation of stereometric parameters for abrasive tools active surfaces with application of photometric stereo
Autorzy / Authors:
BERNAT Artur dr inż.
KACALAK Wojciech prof. dr hab. inż.
Mechanical Faculty of Engineering, Technical University of Koszalin
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
photometric stereo; abrasive tool surface; usage potential
Streszczenie / Summary:

Classification concerning evaluation methods of cutting properties in abrasive tools as well as
definitions connected with their usage potential have been presented in the paper. Essential aspects
of the complex properties concerning reflection of the light by abrasive tool active surface have
been described. Abrasive tool properties have been characterized by means of Photometric Stereo.
It has been recommended the necessity of application more obliquely projected light sources. In
some cases, there have been also recommended auxiliary actions in order to obtain essential
change of the light reflection properties by the abrasive tool active surface. These actions are
performed by means of covering the investigated surface with thin nontransparent coatings.