Vol: 34 , Nr: 2 , Art.: 6
Tytuł / Title:
The influence of cooling techniques on surface roughness and tool wear during cryogenic machining
Wpływ metod chłodzenia na chropowatość powierzchni obrobionej i zużycie narzędzia w obróbce kriogenicznej
Autorzy / Authors:
WSTAWSKA Iwona mgr inż.
ŚLIMAK Krzysztof mgr inż.
Instytut Technologii Mechanicznej Politechniki Poznańskiej
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
cryogenic machining; tool wear; roughness; cooling techniques
obróbka kriogeniczna; zużycie ostrza; chropowatość; metody obróbki
Streszczenie / Summary:

The main objective of this work is a comparision of different cooling techniques, namely cutting zone cooling, cutting tool cooling and workpiece cooling. The literature survey related to the analysis of surface texture (Ra) and tool wear (VBc) after applying different cooling techniques was also taken into account. The analysis revealed that the applied cooling technique has a significant influence on the values of parameters of surface’s roughness. Furthermore, in all cases observed, there was a positive influence of cryogenic machining on selected physical and technical aspects after turning and milling such materials as Inconel 718, titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, aluminium alloys and elastomers. This work can also be considered as a starting point for further research and the analysis of machinability during cryogenic machining.