Vol: 33 , Nr: 4 , Art.: 1
Tytuł / Title:
Coordinate measuring technique in evaluating accuracy of a face worm gear
Autorzy / Authors:
GRZELKA Mirosław
Instytut Technologii Mechanicznej Politechniki Poznańskiej
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
coordinate measuring technique, face worm gear accuracy
Streszczenie / Summary:

A coordinate measuring machine is proposed by the author for the face worm gear accuracy
evaluation. A developed methodology based on coordinate measuring machine is presented. The
methodology contains graphical models depicting the methods for face toothing parameters investigation.
The examined parameters of the toothing are: profile, tooth line and angular pitch. The
paper includes the results of investigations carried out on face worm gear toothing shaped by
means of different methods and also by a new method developed by the authors. A short coordinate
measuring machine selection guide for gear measuring is also presented in the paper. It includes
an evaluation of the measured gear deviations accuracy. The research showed conformity
between the theoretical geometry of the face worm wheel and the measured one, as well as proved
correctness of the new method of shaping face worm gear.