Vol: 33 , Nr: 3 , Art.: 1
Tytuł / Title:
Monitoring of the cylindrical plunge grinding process
Autorzy / Authors:
Politechnika Łódzka; Wydział Mechaniczny; Instytut Obrabiarek i Technologii Budowy Maszyn
Słowa kluczowe / key words:
cylindrical plunge grinding, monitoring, control, measurements
Streszczenie / Summary:

The paper presents a monitoring system for external cylindrical plunge grinding and results of
analysis of process variables which can be used in process automatic supervision. The monitoring
system consists of sensors for grinding force components, vibration and acoustic emission measurements
as well as a workpiece diameter and out-of-roundness sensor and a sensor for grinding
wheel surface topography and waviness measurement. A specialized software is developed for
control and measurement tasks of the system with the use of Borland C++ environment. Furthermore,
the paper presents analysis of results of measurements of selected process variables carried
out during a set of grinding experiments. Measurements of the wheel circumference micro- and
macro-geometry as well as the workpiece roughness and roundness allow the process state to be
reliably correlated with these variables monitored during grinding. The test results show that using
the proposed set of the process features it is possible to identify the wheel condition and other
process results like roughness or heat damages of the workpiece.