Available vol. 35 AMTM


In 2015 the magazine changed its name to the Archives of Mechanical  Technology and Materials and was transformed from a quarterly magazine to an annual one.

We invite to forward the papers for the ATMiA 36th Volume.

We kindly inform that since January 2013 the Authors are not charged with the costs related to publication of their papers.

The papers are published only in English.


- time for changes -

With regard to the letter from the Under Secretary of State, prof. Maciej Banach (dated November 24, 2011), on the new criteria and rules of assessment of scientific journals, for a comprehensive evaluation of academic performance quality as well as research and development capacity of scientific institutions, as editors we are obliged to complete a survey application (in electronic form) and submit it to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education by February 10, 2012.
The new rules require introducing radical changes in the organization and functioning of the editorial, the publishing process, and in the form of published articles.
In case we fail to submit the survey, our journal will not be certified.

The most significant changes include:

  1. Appointment of a new Advisory Board, with at least 50% of members being of foreign origin.
  2. New structure of the Editorial Committee:
    - editor-in-chief,
    - deputy editor,
    - editorial secretary,
    - substantive scientific editors,
    - language editor (native English speaker),
    - language editor (Polish philologist),
    - statistical editor.
  3. New requirements of the publishing process and publications:
    - PIF (Predicted Impact Factor) citation indexing,
    - intention to publish all articles in English,
    - modification of the review process according to the guidelines of the Ministry (double-blind review process, reviewers’ names undisclosed, a list of all reviewers published once a year),
    - affiliation of foreign authors (aiming at engaging >25% of authors of foreign origin),
    - indexing in databases (journal registration at Web of Science and Scopus databases),
    - number of publications per year >24,
    - internationalization of reviewers (aspiring to appoint >50% of international reviewers ),
    - quarterly publishing system (articles are to be submitted on-line), release dates: March, June, September, and December,
    - implementation of security procedures for publication originality and intellectual property (’ghostwriting’ firewall).

 These changes are to be introduced gradually in 2012.
Our target is to prepare the journal, in the best possible way, for submission to the waiting list of Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and to ultimately fulfill the requirements of the JCR certification.

Our Request - starting today
The authors are asked to:
- submit articles in two languages, Polish and English, with the relevant abstracts (papers will be printed bilingually),
- quote ATMiA articles as often as possible in reports sent to the JCR-acknowledged journals (excluding self-reference); in 2011 ATMiA articles were cited 17 times.